Long Term Disability Lawyer Whitby

Do you need an experienced long term disablitiy lawyer in the Whitby area? Swaye Crannie Boyd has successfully been representing the rights of long term disablitiy claimants throughout southern Ontario and the Whitby area, ranking us among Ontario and Canada's most experienced and enduring personal injury law firms.

Long Term Disability Lawyer Whitby

If you have been injured or have become ill and can no longer work, long term disability issues such as denial of claim or wrongful termination only serve to make a bad situation that much worse. At Whitby area personal injury law firm Swaye Crannie Boyd, we’re here to help and you'll always find us as close as a phone call away.

Long Term Disability Lawyer Whitby

Should you require a personal injury lawyer to guide you through the process of your long term disability claim, or if you simply have questions pertaining to understanding your rights around an LTD situation, we're available to assist you in discovering your options and your entitlement to seek legal recourse. We've been serving Southern Ontario and the Whitby area for over 50 years, ranking us among Ontario and Canada's most established, experienced and enduring personal injury law firms with specialists in long term disability.

Long term disability (LTD) benefits are typically either purchased by an individual or provided as a benefit of employment and are not mandated or provided by the government. LTD benefits are provided to an individual as a means to replace lost income in the event of an injury or sickness that results in an inability to work.

Ultimately, approved cases and claims can cost insurers money. Aggressive measures, evidentiary collection and seeking to damage claim credibility can make a bad situation worse when it comes to long term disability and the guidance and able assistance of your Swaye Crannie Boyd personal injury lawyer team can help mitigate the ongoing stress of such as situation.

About Long Term Disability

Arthritis ranks among the most common long term disability causes as severe arthritis is much more than minor pain and discomfort, it can severely limit movement and impact daily productivity. Back pain, cancer, depression or mental health, diabetes and heart disease can also lead to long term disability.

Ontario's Human Rights Code, precludes employers from terminating employees on the basis of disability unless an employer can demonstrably prove they have accommodated to the point of “undue hardship” or the contract of employment has been legally frustrated by an employee’s disability.

Securing Disability Benefits In Ontario

There are five aspects typical of securing disability benefits in Whitby and throughout Ontario. They include knowing if your disability in fact classifies as one; proving your disability with medical records, gathering collateral evidence; negotiating fair benefits on your behalf; and appealing your claim should the need arise. It is for these reasons, the benefit of consulting a long term disability lawyer is always a good idea.

Confidential Long Term Disability Lawyer Consultation

Should you require the professional services of a personal injury lawyer relating to long term disability claim denial or LTD issues regarding your current employment situation anywhere in Southern Ontario, including Hamilton, Toronto, Brantford, Burlington, Oshawa, Whitby, Oakville and St. Catharines, contact personal injury law firm Swaye Crannie Boyd. We are here and happy to help and we ensure you don’t pay until you win. Please don’t hesitate to contact Swaye Crannie Boyd at 905-524-2861 for a confidential consultation.

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