Product Liability Lawyer

Do you need an experienced product liability lawyer? Swaye Crannie Boyd has successfully been representing the rights of defective product victims throughout southern Ontario, ranking us among Ontario and Canada's most experienced and enduring personal injury law firms.

Product Liability Lawyer

By definition, product liability ensures manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and others who make and sell products can be held responsible for the injuries a defective product may cause. As a consumer you are protected by certain rights and among the most basic is the fact that if you pay for something, it should not cause personal injury, harm or damage, which can be catastrophic. If you or a loved one has been severely injured or harmed and require the assistance of an experienced defective product liability lawyer, at Swaye Crannie Boyd, we are here to help.

Product Liability Lawyers

The sooner you contact a personal injury lawyer, the better your chances of in seeking recourse for you and your loved ones. We are available to assist you in discovering your options and your entitlement to seek legal recourse in the event of a severe injury due caused by defective product liability. Swaye Crannie Boyd has been serving Southern Ontario for over 50 years ranking us among Ontario and Canada's most established and enduring personal injury law firms.

Defective Product Liability

Typically, there are three broad categories for defective product liability: strict liability such as a product defect; negligence which focuses on a defendant's conduct as opposed to a product's use and breach of warranty which refers to contract law. Product misuse can also be a consideration in assessing viability: Was a car being driven too fast? Was a lit candle placed beside a gas can?

The media, whether through commercials or prime time dramas, has taught us that medical drugs or medical devices are a seemingly constant source of defective product liability. However, defective product liability claims and cases often extend to automobiles, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, asbestos, chemicals and cosmetics, food, mechanical failure, recreational products and children’s products and toys.

Have You Been Injured By A Defective Product?

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured by a defective product, any digital documentation of the defective product, circumstance or area of involvement can also be helpful. In addition, you should document the nature of the incident in addition to any photographic documentation you can provide. If the defective product incident occurred outdoors, capture the surrounding area and weather condition as the time of the accident.

Confidential Defective Product Liability Lawyer Consultation

Should you require the professional services of a personal injury lawyer because you have been harmed by defective product or product liability anywhere in Southern Ontario, including Hamilton, Toronto, Brantford, Burlington, Oshawa, Whitby, Oakville and St. Catharines, contact personal injury law firm Swaye Crannie Boyd. We are here and happy to help and we ensure you don’t pay until you win. Please don’t hesitate to contact Swaye Crannie Boyd at 905-524-2861 for a confidential consultation.

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