Intentional Injury Lawyer

Do you need an experienced intentional injury lawyer? Swaye Crannie Boyd has successfully been representing the rights of intentional injury victims throughout southern Ontario, ranking us among Ontario and Canada's most experienced and enduring personal injury law firms.

Intentional Injury Lawyer

Intentional injury or intentional torts are committed purposefully and may include things such as rape; assault and battery; false imprisonment; burglary; intentional infliction of emotional distress; and malicious prosecution. It may also include intentional emotional trauma. The personal injury lawyer team at Swaye Crannie Boyd LLP is here to help and you'll always find us as close as a phone call away during this trying, unimaginable time.

Intentional Injury Lawyers

Should you require a personal injury lawyer as a result of an intentional injury at someone else's hands, or if you simply have questions pertaining to your rights, we're available to assist you in discovering your options and your entitlement to seek legal recourse. We've been serving Southern Ontario for over 50 years ranking us among Ontario and Canada's most established and enduring personal injury law firms.

Most often, intentional jury is a personal injury or assault and can result in enduring trauma and scarring, both physically and emotionally. They may also bring financial impairment from lost wages for from hospital expenses, present and future, in addition to obvious pain and suffering.

For intentional injury actions resulting from an assault, there is generally a two-year window to bring legal action against those responsible for your injury. However, it is always best to seek legal representation such as a personal injury lawyer experienced with intentional injury as soon as possible. Additionally, a detailed record and accounting of the circumstances should be provided, including date, time and location; any possible witness statements; and any physical evidence such as clothing, a medical or police report or digital imaging evidence.

Confidential Intentional Lawyer Consultation

Should you require the professional services of a personal injury lawyer relating to an intentional injury or assault claim anywhere in Southern Ontario, including Hamilton, Toronto, Brantford, Burlington, Oshawa, Whitby, Oakville and St. Catharines, contact personal injury law firm Swaye Crannie Boyd. We are here and happy to help and we ensure you don’t pay until you win. Please don’t hesitate to contact Swaye Crannie Boyd at 905-524-2861 for a confidential consultation.

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